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Cialis Cheap In Canada, Cheap Proscar

Make Art Your Center™
  • Cialis Cheap In Canada, Cheap Proscar

    Easy, Fun and Relaxing! Take the fear out of art for those not confident with their drawing skills. Attention is given to each student as suits their interests and abilities.
  • Cialis Cheap In Canada, Cheap Proscar

    Instructor: Jane Albin
    All Levels

    This is NOT drawing…It’s SKETCHING! The best way to sharpen your eye and your drawing skill is to SKETCH often! Quick sketches from still life will be the focus of this morning coffee, tea & sketch together. This class is great for painters or anyone who needs to “loosen up”!

    Monday Morning

    11:00 am - 12:00 pm


    • Session 6 | Nov 4-11-18-25 Dec 2-9


    • Session 1 | Jan 13-20-27 Feb 3-10-17
    • Session 2 | Mar 9-16-23-30 Apr 6-13
    • Session 3 | May 4-11-18 no Mem. Day June 1-8-15
    • Session 4 | July 20-27 Aug 3-10-17-24
    • Session 5 | Sept 14-21-28 Oct 5-12-19
    • Session 6 | Nov 9-16-23-30 Dec 7-14
    • Members
      • Bring a sketchbook.
      • Some materials supplied.
      • 6 week session
      • 2 week break between sessions
    • Non-Members
      • Bring a sketchbook.
      • Some materials supplied.
      • 6 week session
      • 2 week break between sessions
  • Drawing with Colored Pencils

    Instructor: Barbara Baker
    All Levels

    Not confident with your drawing skills? No problem! Enjoy coloring with a pre-printed guide while you learn how to get the most from this medium. More advanced students may work at their own pace on drawings of their choice. Photo references may be used. The class will explore Watercolor Pencils where indicated.

    Tuesday Evening Class

    5:30 pm – 7:00 pm


    • Session 11 | Nov 5-12-19-26 (Watercolor pencils)
    • Session 12 | No Dec class


    • Session 1 | Jan 7-14-21-28
    • Session 2 | Feb 4-11-18-25
    • Session 3 | Mar 3-10-17-24 Watercolor pencils
    • Session 4 | Apr 7-14-21-28
    • Session 5 | May 5-12-19-26
    • Session 6 | Jun 2-9-16-23
    • Session 7 | July 7-14-21-28 Watercolor pencils
    • Session 8 | Aug 4-11-18-25
    • Session 9 | Sep 1-8-15-22
    • Session 10 | Oct 6-13-20-27 Watercolor pencils
    • Session 11 | Nov 3-10-17-24
    • Session 12 | No Dec class
  • Private Drawing/Painting Lessons

    Instructor: Various
    Student works one on one in an individualized lesson. Age 14+
    Lesson times are reserved in 4 week blocks.
    Morning and afternoon times are available.
    50 minute lesson: $16 member | $20 non-member per lesson
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